November 23, 2016


Ok, this one for some reason is a little harder to publicize. Probably because most people that know me don’t know anything about this part of my life. Friends from school didn’t know, family never knew, nobody. And none of my friends back then knew her either. The ones I have mentioned it to, I said I had a girlfriend spend the night, but she wasn’t from my school, she was home schooled & lived nearby. I kept her hidden, I still will never reveal who she was to anyone. I was 16 almost 17 when this night occurred. I was very sexually active, no I wasn’t a whore haha, but I guess some would argue lol. Anyway, I was boy crazy like hell. Always flirting & back then we actually talked on the phone, damn I’m old haha. But I wanted to be where the guys was all the time, what teenage girl wouldn’t? I had already noticed that I had some sort of an attraction to females, but I tried to ignore it because it was strongly advised by my mother that stuff like that was wrong & disgusting. I had to disagree though. I seen tits & pussy in the bathrooms & the locker room all the time & I could not stop staring. I literally was damn near drooling. I would watch my momma’s forbidden dirty movies, the animated sex stuff, all the Porky’s movies, & Playboy magazines,(I think I mentioned that in another story). Not only was I looking at the guys but I was staring hard at the girls too. I thought to myself how can I like both? This may not be very long but hopefully I can express it enough for you to imagine how hot it was for me. Here goes lol……
I met her one day because I used to ride my bike to my other friends houses down the road. She was in her yard & she waved & said hey to me. I stopped & asked her where she went to school & she said she was home schooled, I didn’t at the time know what the hell that meant but I went with. She offered me something to drink & I never made it to my friends house that day. We didn’t do anything for a little while. I hung out at her house a lot because we got along great. She was pretty & every chance I had I was staring lol. Finally one day I took her home with me & she spent the night with me. We acted like normal teenage girls dancing & singing, acting a fool. We tried on all my clothes, playing with make up. And by the way every time she changed outfits I about lost it lol. We talked & laughed & eventually got bored, started throwing things at each other & ended up arm wrestling & then a full on wrestling match in my floor! Nobody was really winning but we were having a blast! But as we got tired we kinda rested on each other here & there.
And me already being curious as hell, I couldn’t stop myself. I just politely grabbed her boob & started rubbing & playing with it & she didn’t move but she didn’t stop me either heehee. I was excited because I finally got to touch damn it, so I kept pushing my luck. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, I just did what guys did to me,to her. I kept playing with her boobs & slowly put my hand under her shirt & she just laid there lifeless, but I had boobs in hand & wasn’t giving up haha. I rubbed her chest & stomach for a little while & finally I asked if she was ok, she said yea I’m cool, just relaxed. I thought Hell Yeah!! She was on her back & I leaned in to kiss her & she kissed me back ;). We kissed for a good bit & I was still rubbing & I was kinda pushing my body up against hers kinda rubbing my pussy up on her leg. She put her hand on my arm but wasn’t ‘touching’ me yet. I pulled her shirt up & I started kissing & sucking on her tits & she was like rubbing my head & back. I went back & forth kissing her to sucking on her tits & I pulled her pants off, then underwear. She was shaking, she was nervous as hell but did not want me to stop, I asked & she said no real quite. I wasn’t really nervous because I wanted it. It was different I do admit, kinda strange like but I was loving it. She had her legs closed & I went as slow as possible because I didn’t want her to tell me to stop. I didn’t force her to spread her legs. I kinda straddled her legs & I bent down & kissed her pussy several times. I started licking & pushed my tongue in between her pussy lips & she made a little bit of noise & I kept licking & she slowly opened her legs. I licked & sucked & slipped my tongue in & out of her pussy over & over. She started rubbing my head & pushed my face into her pussy hard & moved a little bit. It was hot as hell! The more she pulled me to her & moved, the harder I sucked on her clit. I started fingering her while I was sucking on her clit & she started breathing heavy & moaning quietly. I was super fucking wet at this point. Then all of sudden she started cumming & omg at how wet she got!
I raised up to look at her & she sat up & kissed me like mad kissed me lol. And she took my shirt off & was touching & rubbing & sucking on me & kissing on my neck. She was on her knees & pulled me to my knees & she was rubbing my ass & kissing the hell outta me. Then she started pulling at my pants & we pulled them off together. When I laid down she kissed me then whispered in my ear, I don’t know what I’m doing but I hope I make you feel as good as you did me. She slowly kissed her way down to my pussy & oh damn that was the most awesome feeling ever by a girl to be licking on my pussy. She mimicked everything I did & it felt amazing. She looked at me once & sucked my pussy juice off her fingers & went right back down sucking like hell on my clit. No guy had done it like that before. I grabbed her head & started rubbing my pussy fast & hard on her face until I cummed all over her & she just kept going.
We finally stopped but we laid on the floor & we were cuddled up to each other. She said to me I’ve never done nothing like this before & I told her I hadn’t either but wanted to. We talked about how good it felt & what we liked that each other did. We got in bed & stayed naked & talked about all kinds of stuff. It was probably an hour or so since we had sex. I rolled over towards her & started rubbing on her pussy which tasted so good. I was just slowly sliding a finger in & out of her pussy, & we kept talking about just whatever haha. She was getting wet again & so was I. I leaned up some so I could finger her harder & she stopped talking lol. She leaned toward the table to get her drink & I grabbed her hips & pulled her towards me til she was on her knees on the bed. I got under her & pulled her pussy down to me & she started grinding that pussy on my face. You just had to be there,that was so damn hot! For two girls that had never been with another girl before, we did a damn good job at fucking each other for the first time I think! But being under her like that was such a turn on. I flipped her over & made my way to her face, she grabbed my ass & I started grinding her face. We eventually went to sleep lol.
We got up that morning or should I say noon haha. We threw on some clothes & went & ate breakfast. We would lock eyes & giggle about what we did the night before. Her mom called my mom & wanted her to come home soon. So me & her went to take a shower…together. We were attracted like hell to each other. We got in the shower, I had no intentions on doing anything but her standing there soaking wet was killing me. She was facing away from me & I squeezed her ass cheek & she wiggled her butt at me…OMG lol. I whispered bend over & she immediately did. I just stood there looking at that sight. I got on my knees & started licking her pussy from behind, I could really get my tongue in like that…Nice. She turned around & kissed me so softly then dropped to her knees & licked on my pussy for a bit. We hugged & kissed & finally got out. I walked her to her house & before we got to close we stopped & kissed goodbye.
A photo by Clarisse Meyer.
Now we had sex several times after that,but she moved away & we never saw each other again. It sucked,bad. I wanted her again & again. I didn’t mess with another girl until I was 19 & done moved to Georgia from Kentucky. I still think about how good we was together, it was very fun.
I shared this because I’m opening up & sharing my life because it’s what I wanna do. It don’t bother me if people don’t like it. But I bet more like hearing it than those that don’t. I’ve seen very little writings where the authors actually share their own experiences. I do have & will have more fiction stories but I have shared & will share more of my real life experiences. None of the real stuff is made up, its true & its me, who I am, what I’m about. I’m not embarrassed by the way I live my life. If I was you wouldn’t be reading this. I’m not sure what I’ll write next but there will be something you can count on that!

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