Letter to my Boys

When I found out I was pregnant with each of you, I had so many emotions. I was happy and scared all at the same time. Happy I was with child and scared I wouldn’t be a good mom. As the months went by and my belly began to grow, I watched with amazement and loved my baby bump lol.
The first time I felt you move it felt like the world stood still, that was an awesome moment in life. And your movements became stronger and more frequent, I loved it. As it got closer to you being born, I became very nervous and excited, I was about to meet you and hold for the first time.
Hearing your very first cry was the most beautiful sound in the world to me, I was overwhelmed with joy as they laid you in my arms. So beautiful, so sweet, just looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes.hand-palm-baby-large
Sippy cups and finger foods, oh how you shared with me. Plastic three wheelers, little swimming pools and pop-sicle’s in the summer.
Then came time for school. Oh how I didn’t want to leave you there and oh how much you cried for me. I cried all the way home and throughout the day. I arrived at the school early to pick you up because I missed you so much. When you seen me, you had a big smile on your face and came running up with your book bag bouncing on your back and an art drawing in your hand that you were so proud of. That drawing hung on the fridge for a long time.love-heart-hand-romantic-medium
On throughout growing up and getting higher in the school grade. So many things you did and went through. Field trips, homework, girl crushes, fights, awards days, baseball and karate and puberty. I stood there by your side and watched you achieve, excel, and accomplish it all. So very proud of you both.
With all the ups and downs, good days and bad days, struggling here and there, having our faith tested, etc. I’d do it all over again for you both. Now your growing up to be handsome, respectivefull, kind hearted smart young men. I pray continually that the Lord guides your paths and protects you on your journey through life.
I know you don’t need me as much as you used to, but I’m always here. I Love You Both so very much and you boys mean everything to me. sunset-hands-love-woman-medium


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